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2015 Swiss Society of Hypertension Guidelines

Leaflet format:
guidelines-2015-d-leaflet.pdf (1'815 KB - german version)
guidelines-2015-f-leaflet.pdf (1'818 KB - french version)
guidelines-2015-i-leaflet.pdf (1'835 KB - italian version)

Comments to the guidelines:
official_SSH_comments_guidelines.pdf (169 KB - english version)


Joint National Committee 7 (2003)
jnc7.pdf (213 KB - english)

ESH/ESC Guidelines (2007)
2007_esh_esc.pdf (829 KB - english)

ESH/ESC Guidelines Reappraisal (2009)
ESH_Guidelines_Reappraisal_2009.pdf (990 KB - english)

Practice Guidelines for Primary Care Physicians (2007)
2007_hypertension_practice_guidelines.pdf (284 KB - english)

Management of high blood pressure in children and adolescents: ESH recommendations
ESH_BP_Management_Children.pdf (300 KB - english)

European Society of Hypertension Scientific Newsletter
Updates on Hypertension Management